CaNIOS Events

Summary of the 2012 CaNIOS AGM:

The 2012 CaNIOS Annual General Meeting took place at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Burnaby in British Columbia on September 27th where many CaNIOS members from across Canada attended. There was an election of 3 positions of the board of directors of CaNIOS.

Dr. Janet Pope, Dr. Stephanie Keeling and Dr. Jan Dutz were elected for a term of 4 years. Dr. Christine Peschken was elected the new Chair of CaNIOS and Dr. Janet Pope remains the Vice Chair while Drs Stephanie Keeling and Jan Dutz were nominated as the Officers.

The new executive board of directors of CaNIOS are:

Dr. Christine Peschken: the Chair

Dr. Janet Pope:   the Vice Chair

Dr. Paul R. Fortin: the past Chair

Dr. Stephanie Keeling: the officer

Dr. Jan Dutz: the officer

We would like to congratulate Drs. Peschken, Keeling and Dutz for their new role at the executive committee. Even though, Dr. Fortin becomes now the past Chair of CaNIOS, he will remain active in CaNIOS’ projects as this has always been his determination to gather all the lupus experts in Canada to work together to improve the outcomes of people living with lupus.

Results from different research projects and updates on lupus research were presented during this Annual General Meeting. 

This annual general meeting was sponsored by the GlaxoSmithKline through an unrestricted educational grant.